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Ice Mountain


Ice Mountain Series  - Watercolour and ink on archival paper 

Ice Mountain is a collection of watercolours depicting large icebergs that have effected both ocean currents and winds. The icebergs have calved from the polar ice shelves due to increased global temperatures. Each iceberg is painted in the style of a military camouflage.


This is an on-going body of work that sadly, continues to grow.

A 38

D 16

B 9

B 9


B 31


A 38


B 15

Next door, five small watercolour drawings make up the Ice Mountain series. B-15 is a pretty, blue-patterned sketch which looks like an abstract form until you read the handwritten words below: “B-15 - 295km long and 37km wide, is the world’s largest recorded iceberg - larger than Jamaica.” It is with such unassuming gestures that Clare seeks to jolt viewers into consciousness. This is art with a purpose. The show forms a delicately phrased apocalyptic message, drawing attention to the effects of human activity — global warming and climate change. 

                                                                                                                                Christine Leech - Sunday Times Review

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