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Lost Heritage

Lost Heritage 1.jpeg

Lost Heritage - Silver salt shaker, book and framed newspaper article

Lost Heritage was commissioned by Context Gallery to respond to the historical site of Prehen House in Derry.

The work consists of 3 elements. Placed in a cabinet is a sliver salt shaker that was ‘liberated’ from one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces in Iraq by Colin Peck, owner of Prehen House, who had worked as a war correspondent throughout Iraq. Alongside the cabinet is a hard- back book Lost Heritage  produced by the artist, that documents a list of looted artefacts from Iraq during the 2003 invasion, as compiled by UNESCO. Next to that ,on the table, is a newspaper article documenting the destruction of Iraqi monuments and historical buildings by invading forces. This work focuses on on-going issues around Colonial exploitation.

Lost Heritage 2.jpeg
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