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MISSING  - Public Intervention: Laminated Posters 

In 2019 I participated in An Urgent Enquiry, a three-month Art & Biodiversity residency where I was based in Co.Wexford.

While there I had the opportunity to explore the effects of climate change and habitat loss on local biodiversity through interactions with environmental specialists, scientists and local communities.

One of a number of small public interventions produced for An Urgent Enquiry entailed erecting MISSING Posters at all Blue and Green Flag beaches in Wexford. These posters consisted of an image of Osmia aurulenta, a solitary bee only found on the East coast of Ireland who makes its nest’s in abandoned snail shells. These poster informed the public of the various essential role’s that solitary bees play in the biodiversity of their surrounding environment.

This project was hugely successful in drawing attention to the vital role of Solitary Bess appearing in a number of newspaper articles and a live interview on South Wexford Radio.

While participating in the UCD Parity Studios Residency Program I expanded the project at two new locations.


On Dun Laoghaire Pier I produced a MISSING poster highlighting the endangered solitary bee Andrena cineraria that can be found locally.

At Killbogget Park I erected a MISSING poster highlighting the Great Diving Beetle Dytiscus marginalas, an endangered species of water beetle found locally.

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