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One Mans Freedom

heki sml.jpg

One Mans Freedom - Single Channel Video 7.40 mins 

For the project One Mans Freedom I was interested in investigating the possibilities of modifying the perception of the public to the use of Platforms exhibition space as a working space. An advert was placed in a local newspaper, as well as run on a local radio station and leaflets distributed around the city inviting anyone interested in contributing to a project based on dialogue, offering them the opportunity to express their own personal ideals and concepts, the choice of topic to be completely open, with no form of censorship. Each participant to be given up to 15 minutes to talk on their chosen subject and all talks recorded for use in the exhibition One Mans Terror Is Another Mans Freedom at Platform. One Mans Freedom is the culmination of that project that went on to develop its own interactive narrative, which is part of the presentation of the work.

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