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Placards - Photo-transfer on Newsprint 

Placed alongside the film One Mans Terror is a selection of Placards mounted into a homemade portable trolley. Members of the public in Vasa, Finland were invited to choose from any of the Placards and to demonstrate in the local public square, which was documented using web cameras located throughout the square. The Placards display images of The Weathermen, Baader-Meinhof, a child suicide bomber, The Black Panther Movement amongst others, documenting members or individuals that have been implicated in acts of t
errorism. Another placard has text that reads One Mans Terrorist Is Another Mans Freedom Fighter that has been crossed-out to read One Mans Terror Is Another Mans Freedom. Incorporating historical imagery of individuals and groups who moved from protester to terrorist attempts to inform both the cause and effect, adopting a style reminiscent to another political era, that of Thatcherism, the miners strike, poll tax riots etc. and the Punk ethos of 'do it yourself'.

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