shangri la drawing.jpg

Shangri La - Wood, plastic, tarpaulin 

Shangri La is a temporary public sculpture found in St Annes Park commissioned by Dublin City Council in June 2010. Each Tent is constructed from wood, plastic and coloured tarpaulin. These materials are often seen incorporated into the shell of the modern structures as a temporary solution to a construction problem.


On a Social level Shangri La can be seen to relate to the anxiety being felt by many people in relation to housing due to the current economic climate. At the same time the blocks of translucent plastic interspersed with the primal colours of the tarpaulin emulate a Mondrian painting and an association to Modernism.


It is also about the spirit of adventure and discovery. The sense of adventure when a child discovers a secret lair in the woods, feelings of awe and anxiety instilled within the excitement. Shangri La attempts to re-ignite such feelings amongst an adult population.     

Shangri La

Shangri La - Two-channel HD Video 2010 

While installing Shangri La in St Annes park I shot a video using a RED HD camera. The film is a stand-alone piece that explores the process of producing a work that incorporates filmic techniques, such as editing, audio and the potential of presentation and environment to develop a narrative. The large two-channel presentation engulfs the viewer in attempt to transport them into the fictional environment in this cinematic presentation.