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The World Could Wait No Longer

The World Still1 2017.jpg

The World Could Wait No Longer - Single-channel Video 2009

The World Could Wait No Longer is a video that consists of a lone protagonist reciting a prepared monologue. The source of the monologue is taken from the Manifesto of The Orange Alternative as written by Major Waldemar Fydrych in the early 1980s. We see the protagonist enter what looks like a stage containing two props, an ordinary soapbox and a soapbox on wheels. As the film progresses the protagonist utilises the props to full effect in delivering his monologue. The film jumps from a wide front shot to a side shot where we see that we are in fact in a rehearsal space covered with mirrors. Is this a dress rehearsal or a conjurer's show? The protagonist examines the role of Surrealism in relation to Politics, Education, Philosophy and Art. In this present time of uncertainty the rhetoric is as relevant today as it was in Poland in the 1980's.

The World still 2 2017.jpg
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